My interest in photography has been life-long and I particularly enjoy the freedom of being an 'amateur' photographer. A camera is a natural extension of myself, I am more likely to be without a wallet than a camera. I exhibit in club events and had a one man sponsored exhibition in the Netherlands in 2009

Over many years my photographic activities expanded, always using the 35mm format with both negative and transparency film, and I gained a wide experience of all aspects of photography.

Although a reluctant convert, the advent of digital gave my work new dynamism and focus enhancing the skills I had honed over the years with film. Furthermore it opened up opportunities for self-publishing.


The concept of taking picture that excite and please me is far more attractive than satisfying the demands of a client. My passion is for recognising the 'unseen' details and patterns that surround us - seeing rather than looking - which enhances my creativity. This is illustrated in my first book "My Vision" published in 2008 which gives the viewer an intense visual awareness.

Whilst selling images on a regular basis my interest now is working on photographic projects. Since my first tentative steps in self-publishing I have published a number of pictorial books. Two of these "The Art of Leather" the story of the last oak bark tannery in England and "Otterton Mill & Bakery", are available as free downloads for Apple users via iTunes.

A recent challenging project was "Life at 40 mm" when I restricted myself to using the 35mm format equivalent of a 40mm lens. Using a such a lens makes you see the world differently, and helps develop a more creative eye. My latest book is "Exmouth Docks", the story of the demise of a working port". These books are produced simply for my own pleasure and are not for sale, although hopefully family and friends will find them interesting.

In tandem with publishing my books I have produced slide presentations available to a wider audience. I regularly give talks/presentations to photographic clubs and numerous other organisations. For details of the talks/presentations which are available please make contact with me:

I was elected an Associate Academician of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (SWAC) in March 2016. SWAC is committed to promoting excellence in the Fine and Applied Arts encouraging and developing the visual arts among young artists from an early age. As an Associate Academician I have exhibited in the SWAC Open Exhibition at Exeter Castle, the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton and at the Delamore Gallery.

Telephone: 01395 227300.
Mobile : 07923245327